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Heart of Texas Martial Arts              (325) 649-0989

Here at Heart of Texas Martial Arts we have many different classes designed sp
ecifically towards the needs of the age groups they represent. We have many different age groups starting from four all the way to adults. We are constantly looking for new ways to help our students improve themselves in every way including self-confidence, courage, and attitude, and almost every other quality of life. Our Martial Arts curriculum is extensive and traditional, but always fitted to the needs and wants of the age group it is being applied to. In addition to our Martial Arts curriculum we also teach our students about life lessons, something we have heard a lot of praise about.  Our Little Dragons (ages 4 – 6) are the most focused and disciplined of any child you will see! We ensure concentration through the use of “games” which are actually just fun ways of showing curriculum to the kids. Keeping them up on their feet and moving is what helps the most with this age group, and by doing so we have showed the kids how strong and focused they can truly be!  Our Warriors (age 7 – 14) are the most respectful and strong minded young adults you will find. We focus very strongly on self-esteem and respect of others in this class, that way the students will see that they can be the strongest individuals from the inside while being the gentlest and kindest on the outside. Our Adults are some of the most accomplished people you will meet because we have showed them how to look inward to find the self-confidence and purpose to stride forwards with their lives. For our students we offer the means to learn self-defense both from Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as offering an adult fitness class that covers every angle of health in the body.

So, whether you have been looking for yourself or for your child; for self-defense in any area, or for self-improvement in any field; for a fitness plan, or for a traditional Martial Arts background, you can rest assured that we have something to fit your needs.